Po'latdan yasalgan buyumlar

Polat yo'l to'r

The grid road has a high index of strength. This is achieved through the use in its production of low-carbon steel wire series BP-1. The form of the produced cells is very diverse: there are rectangular, square, trapezoidal cells, as well as in the form of a rhombus and zero.

Among the varieties of road nets, the largest distribution was obtained with a grid in the form of a square and the dimensions 100x100, 150x150, 200x200.

The use of the road grid during the construction of various roads guarantees the finished coating a special strength and prolongs the service life of the web by 25%. Thanks to its use, it is possible to reduce the thickness of the road, but at the same time to increase its strength. Reducing the thickness of the coating also reduces the cost of construction work.

The strength of the road it guarantees in the case of construction of the path on unsteady and problem (for example, marshy) soils. It is used not only during the construction of a new transport route, but also in the restoration of the existing, but fairly worn road. Excellent technical performance made the road grid a mandatory component of any road surface.