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Wires are used for electrical installations when stationary laying in lighting and power networks, as well as for the installation of electrical equipment, machines, mechanisms and machines for a nominal voltage of up to 450 Volts at a frequency of 400 Hz or a constant voltage of up to 1,000 Volts. Wires are designed for use under a shed or in rooms (volumes), where temperature and humidity fluctuations do not differ significantly from those in the open air and there is relatively free access to outside air, for example, in tents, carts, trailers, metal rooms without thermal insulation. Wires can be used as embedded elements inside complete products, the Construction of which excludes the possibility of moisture condensation on embedded elements (for example, inside electronic equipment).

PV3 wire decoding:

  • P - wire
  • V - isolation from polyvinyl chloride plastic compound
  • 3 - flexibilityclass


  • copper multi-wire core;
  • PVC Insulation

The wires are also intended for laying in steel pipes, hollow channels of building structures, on trays and for mounting electrical circuits.

The service life of wires wires PV3 - at least 15 years.