Steel (lt)

Grid “RABITZ” (lt)

The grid of this type is produced as on high-performance netting machines, semi-automatic, mainly of German origin. The raw material for the manufacture of mesh is a low-carbon steel wire. Along with steel wire used wire coated and galvanized. The chain-link is used to create fences, sifting materials, securing mine workings in mines and mines and for thermal insulation works; cages and animal enclosures are made of it.

The mesh chain-link is subdivided in the form of cells into a woven rhombic grid (acute angle of a diamond 60 °) and a square woven grid. The grid the chain-link is delivered in rolls. As a rule, the roll height is 1.5 m, and the roll length is 10 m. But you can order a grid height from 1 to 4 m from the manufacturer, manufacturers usually make the grid length up to 18 m. When making mesh on manual or simple machines, as a rule, the ends of the spirals do not bend.

The mesh chain-link can be supplied in conventional rolls, when the mesh sheet is wound in the usual way (this option is convenient when installing the mesh), and in compact rolls, when the spirals in winding come into close contact and, as a result, the mesh roll has a smaller diameter. The ends of the rolls of the chain-link net are packed in thick paper, burlap, artificial fabric or polyethylene.