Steel (lt)

Gabion Mesh (lt)

Gabions are volumetric products of various shapes made from wire twisted mesh with hexagonal cells according to GOST R 51285-99, designed to create gabion structures. Gabions are used as a reinforcing structure, in all types of construction, for the protection of roads (automobile and iron), bridge supports, river banks, and erection of hydraulic structures.

The main types of gabions:

  • Mattress-tyufyachnye
  • box-shaped
  • box with reinforcement panel
  • cylindrical

When strengthening the river beds and for laying communications across the bottom of reservoirs (pipes, cables), cylindrical gabions are used. Over the past years, gabions are gradually crowding out monolithic support structures, winning in value and quality. Manufactured according to GOST R 52132-2003.

Currently, in addition to hydrotechnical construction, gabions are widely used in landscape design both in their intended purpose and as decorative elements — small architectural forms — for example, in arranging terraces on a site.

The service life of gabion structures over 100 years.