Wires and cords (lt)

SIP-1, SIP-2, SIP-4 (lt)

Wires are designed for laying through the air on power transmission line supports in accordance with the rules of electrical installations and the rules of technical operation of power plants and networks. Insulated wires are designed for overhead power lines of rated voltage up to 0.6 / 1.0 kV inclusive. The core consists of aluminum wire insulated with cross-linked polyethylene.

SIP wire decoding:

  • S - self-supporting
  • I - isolated
  • P – wire


  • main aluminum conductors
  • zero bearing core of hardened aluminum alloy.
  • conductors are insulated with high strength crosslinked polyethylene
  • conductors are twisted among themselves

The minimum service life of the CIP wire is at least 40 years.