EPS and 3D Panels



It was experimentally proven that in order to ensure similar characteristics of a concrete wall, it should be 20 times thicker than a polystyrene foam panel. Due to its low weight, the use of such building material significantly reduces the load on the foundation of the building, which makes it possible to build lightweight foundations and thus affects the cost of construction.

Styrofoam panels have a whole host of advantages:

  • lightness (after all, these panels are 98% air);
  • strength;
  • excellent heat and sound insulation;
  • moisture resistance;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • resistance to aggressive media (alkali, acid);
  • fire resistance;
  • long (up to 100 years) service life;
  • environmental Safety.

In the production of panels using high quality styrene foam. This substance is neutral and perfectly safe for both humans and the environment. When foaming in the material, closed cells are formed from the air, of which there is 98%. Thanks to this, the products perfectly retain heat and absorb noise. Closed pores slightly absorb moisture, which is also a plus.