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Training of technical and service personnel


Use of modern production and testing equipment


Modern methods of product quality control in all stages of production


Product conformity with international standards

JSC joint venture "Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent" is one of the largest companies in the country for the production of cable and wire products as well as steel products. Founder and main shareholder is the German company "Falk-Porsche-Technik GmbH" with a share of 99%.

  • The products are delivered both domestically and abroad.
  • The company has 4 production areas and 2 recreational areas.
  • The production areas contain more than 100 modern technological facilities.
  • The total area of the company is 425,000 m2.
  • The number of employees - 650.

Continuous implementation of state-of-the-art technology and test equipment, control devices and tools- to ensure the quality of the products is constantly being carried out.

The company produces cable products for general industrial and private purposes. These are plastic-insulated power and control cables and stationary-laying sheaths, flexible rubber-insulated power cables with sheath for moving pantographs, wires for windings of electric motors of submersible pumps, cables for various household appliances and many other cable products. The production of belts for packaging cotton bales, fittings, steel wire products, hardware, hardware and copper and rubber products has been successfully mastered. The company also has the ability to manufacture products according to specific customer requirements.

Without stopping the achievement, Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent passed a certification audit of the quality management system, according to which an international declaration of conformity was issued to us. This certificate confirms that the quality management system of Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000. The certificate issued includes design, development, production and distribution of cable and wiring products.

New project of the company

The project of reorganization of Onyx production premises with revival of production of fiberglass in the joint venture "Uzglasseiden".

Products manufactured in the context of the glass silk project are mainly used in the construction industry in the following application areas:

  • Glass silk is a product of modern technology. Glass fiber is used as a raw material, which is twisted into threads of a certain diameter;
  • Glass fiber fabric is a canvas made by interweaving two glass threads that are perpendicular to each other;
  • Glass mats are woven fabrics with a multiplicity of rectangular cells formed by interlacing glass fibers;
  • Glass ribbon - woven glass ribbon made by intertwining;
  • Minimal personnel deployment;
  • High cost of construction due to low cost of personnel and building materials;
  • Low construction costs that make living more affordable;
  • Environmentally friendly construction material.