VVG, VVGng (A), VVGng (A) -LS (de)

The power cable VVG is designed to transmit and distribute electrical energy when it is stationary connected to a voltage of up to 1,000 V AC at 50 Hz. It can be laid in dry and wet industrial premises, on cable racks, in blocks, in the open air. Not recommended for laying in the ground. Cables do not propagate burning in case of single laying (common industrial execution) and group laying (execution “ng (A)” and ng (A) -LS).

Interpretation of cable VVG:

  • V - insulation of polyvinyl chloride plastic strands
  • V - PVC compound casing
  • G - lack of protective covers
  • ng (A) - does not spread combustion in category A
  • LS - has low gas emission


  • conductive core: copper, single-wire or multi-wire, round or sector form. In stranded cables the wires are stranded.
  • polyvinyl chloride plastic insulation.
  • PVC compound shell

Service life - 30 years.