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VPP (de)

It is used for connection to electric networks for voltage of 380 and 660 V AC with a frequency of 50 Hz of water-immersion electric motors that work for a long time in artesian wells under pressure up to 7.09 MPa (70 atm.). The wires withstand bending at an angle of 180 ° around the roller, whose diameter is equal to 10 nominal diameters of the wire.

VPP wire decoding:

  • V- waterimmersion
  • P - polyethyleneinsulation
  • P - polyethylenesheath


  • copperconductor.
  • polyethyleneinsulation.
  • polyethylenesheath.

Vein - copper wire of normal flexibility. Insulation - LDPE (high pressure polyethylene)

Shell - LDPE (high pressure polyethylene).

Servicelife - 6 years.