Fiberglass (cz)

On July 6, 2022, the opening of the JV LLC “Falk Porsche Fiberglass” plant took place. Based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in the heart of Central Asia, the new factory JV LLC “Falk Porsche Fiberglass” will focus on producing high-quality fiberglass rovings for different applications and industries worldwide. The company is the only fiberglass manufacturer in the Central Asian region.

The ambitious company JV LLC “Falk Porsche Fiberglass” was formed by Deutsche Kabel AG Tashkent to diversify the company’s product portfolio and enter the global fiberglass and composites market. The new plant is equipped with high-tech equipment and technology from European manufacturers.
Each stage of production, from raw materials to finished products, undergoes strict quality control, which is confirmed by modern laboratory equipment from Germany.

The newly formed company has also received huge support from the government of Uzbekistan. The local JSCB “Turonbank” also provided comprehensive support to the new enterprise. JV LLC “Falk Porsche Fiberglass” has created more than 400 new jobs and plans to increase its capacity in the near future.

The production capacity of Falk Porsche Fiberglass is expected to reach 13,000 tons of fiberglass and 3,000 tons of products from fiberglass p.a.

“In the future, we intend to increase the volume of glass fiber production to 100 thousand tons per year and more, and as well to focus our business on the production of glass fiber and composite materials - with a higher added value. We see annual growth in the industry, as well as a large market potential in Central Asia and Europe, which influences our strategic direction. We are also looking for strategic partners in these areas”, says Ulugbek Ismailov, Chairman of the board of directors of JVSC DKG.


Investment - 21.4 mln. Euro

Over 150 new jobs

German quality

The only fiberglass plant in Central Asia