Control cables (cz)

KVVG, KVVGng (A), KVVGng (A) -LS (cz)

Cables are designed for fixed connection to electrical devices, apparatuses, assemblies of electrical switchgear clamps with nominal alternating voltage up to 660 V and frequencies up to 100 Hz or with direct voltage up to 1000 V. Cables are used for laying outdoors conditions of aggressive environment, in the absence of mechanical effects on the cables. It is allowed to lay cables in the ground (trenches) while protecting the cables at the points of exit to the surface. Cables do not propagate burning in case of single laying (common industrial execution) and group laying (execution “ng (A)” and ng (A) -LS).

Cable decoding KVVG:

  • K - control cable
  • V - insulation of polyvinyl chloride plastic strands
  • V - PVC compound casing
  • G - lack of protective covers
  • ng (A) - does not spread combustion in category A
  • LS - has low gas emission


  • copper single-wire or multi-wire conductive round conductor of class 1, 2 or 5
  • PVC insulation. Insulated cable conductors are stranded.
  • polyvinylchlorideplasticsheath.

KVVG cable service life: when laying in the open air, in the earth (trenches) not less than 15 years when laying in rooms, tunnels, channels not less than 25 years