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Training of technical and service personnel

Use of modern production and testing equipment

Modern methods of product quality control in all stages of production

Product conformity with international standards


JSC joint venture "Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent" is one of the largest companies in the country for the production of cable and wire products as well as copper and steel products. Founder and main shareholder is the German company "Falk-Porsche-Technik GmbH" with a share of 99%.

  • The products are delivered both domestically and abroad.
  • The company has 5 production areas and 2 recreational areas.
  • The production areas contain more than 100 modern technological facilities.

Continuous implementation of state-of-the-art technology and test equipment, control devices and tools- to ensure the quality of the products is constantly being carried out.

The company produces cable products for general industrial and private purposes. These are plastic-insulated power and control cables and stationery-laying sheaths, flexible rubber-insulated power cables with sheath for moving pantographs, wires for windings of electric motors of submersible pumps, cables for various household appliances and many other cable products. The production of belts for packaging cotton bales, fittings, steel wire products, hardware, hardware and copper and rubber products has been successfully mastered. The company also has the ability to manufacture products according to specific customer requirements.

Today DKG is a dynamically developing company, constantly expanding range of products in accordance with market requirements. Using of modern equipment of global international manufacturers for production line ensures production of necessary volumes and conformity with high quality standards. Products of DKG are manufactured in accordance with local and international standards.

Without stopping the achievement, Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent passed a certification audit of the quality management system, according to which an international declaration of conformity was issued to us. This certificate confirms that the quality management system of Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000. The certificate issued includes design, development, production and distribution of cable and wiring products.

The Uzbek-German Joint Venture “Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent” (DKG) has created a new company LLC “Falk Porsche Fiberglass” in Uzbekistan and is entering into the global market for the production of fiberglass and composites.

The cultivation of cotton and the development of the textile industry in Uzbekistan have a long tradition that began with Chinese merchants who brought the first varieties of cotton and silk to the region more than 2000 years ago.

The country is a producer and processor of cotton fiber (about 1 million tons per year), silk (22 thousand tons per year) as well as textiles. This industry is one of the leading sectors of the economy and employs more than 400,000 people. This vast experience in the textile sector creates the basis for the production of fiberglass and technical textiles in the future. Uzbekistan is now on the path of success and aims to become an alternative supplier in the global market, especially given the ongoing restructuring of international supply chains.

The production of a new type of fiber in Central Asia - fiberglass - reveals new prospects for the development of the production of glass rovings and composite materials in the region, which opens up a huge domestic and export potential.

With a vast experience in Uzbekistan and Central Asia for over 25 years, the Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent, a German-Uzbek joint venture, successfully established several production facilities in Uzbekistan for various industries such as cables, wires, copper, steel, polymer products, etc.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of cables and wires in Central Asia. With a high level of management, the use of modern industrial and laboratory equipment, quality control at all stages of production and finished goods testing according to the world standards, Deutsche Kabel AG Taschkent manufactures and delivers various high-quality products and solutions for the customers in the region and overseas.

Uzbekistan has long been part of the trade route known as the ‘Silk Road’ connecting Asia with Europe since ancient times.